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Historic Jack Thomas House

Greetings and welcome to the Grayson County Historical Society of Kentucky, home of the Historic Jack Thomas House located at 122 East Main Street in Leitchfield, KY.

The 2016 Board of Directors are:  President Scott Carter, Vice-President Scotty Gore, Treasurer Tina Gary, Secretary Robert Wright, and Board Members Joyce Thomas Legg York, Kelly Stevenson, Allison Helm, Greg Bernard, Mary Decker, and Mary Bouvier.

We have a diversified group of directors from teachers, to business owners and councilmen, engineers, and everyone in between. We have a lot of great idea, many projects and events planned, and room for anyone that is willing to help. Please remember, we are a non-profit; none of our directors are paid. We are all here for the love of Grayson County and its history. We are not perfect, we make mistakes, but history is full of them! Our only paid employee is Mary Decker, our librarian / hostess, and her knowledge of the house and library is priceless.

If you missed it, we have had several excellent presentation about the history of the Grayson County in the past couple years. These presentation are being uploaded to our You Tube channel - Please follow the link below. While you're at it, please visit our Facebook page. It is the best place to get up-to-date information on the happenings of the Grayson County Historical Society. That being said...

The Historical Society family has had some bad luck in recent months. The passing of Nancy and retiring of Ken, our previous president, was a crushing blow. Unfortunately, that was not the end. Mike Fleener, our past vice-president also passed away. The knowledge that Nancy and Mike took with them is irreplaceable. Their personas beamed their love of history, the Historical Society, and the Jack Thomas House.

We had hoped the worst was over, but it has continued. Mike's only son Dylan, an Eagle Scout and frequent visitor to the Jack Thomas House was killed in a car crash. Just as we were recovering from this tragedy, Phyllis Webb, or librarian of many years injured herself at home and was hospitalized. While in the hospital, she suffered a heart attack, had minor heart surgery/stint installed, and had complications from a life long issue with her leg. Not long after her 80th birthday, she passed away.

We would hope that you have us and the families in your thoughts and prayers. We will power on and do the best that we can. We are always accepting donations of items and written histories for our library and museum, but we have recently started collecting the folk history of Grayson County and it's families (see our YouTube channel). You and your families history is important to us! Please take the time to tell someone what you remember from the past! Tell your family, record it, write it down, come to our story swaps, or do whatever you need to keep it from being lost! We will graciously accept your folk history in any form as a donation to our archives!

Speaking of donations, we have had some great donations made to the house in the past few months. Please remember, we are always looking for donations pertaining to Grayson County and its families and communities. If you have an item that you would not like to leave your family, we are always glad to take an item on loan. Please contact us for more information.

The Grayson County Historical Society strives to preserve the history of the county and make its findings open for public use through a museum and research library. We own the oldest brick building in the county, the Jack Thomas House, on East Main Street in Leitchfield, Kentucky. The museum is open for free tours at the moment, but we are always accepting donations for the services we provide. It has a meeting room which is used by the Historical Society, the DAR, and the local Woman's Club. This room, as well as the dining room, can also be rented for other functions.

The research library is open to the public at no charge. That being said, we need money to stay open, so donations are always welcomed for the knowledge we keep and provide! There are three general meetings a year that are usually held the second Tuesdays of March, June and October at 7:00 P.M. Programs for those meetings consist of a speaker and refreshments. The Historical Society Board meets monthly.

Our newsletter, "The Graysonite", is published and sent to each member at least three times a year in March.

The Society owns three other buildings besides the Jack Thomas House - the Buchanan Log Cabin on the grounds of the Jack Thomas House, the Walnut Grove School near Caneyville, and the Edwards School west of Short Creek.

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