After thinking about it for months, I finally asked Tim to turn my laptop into a super duper, dual-booting machine last week. Under his guidance, we re-partitioned the hard-drive, and then installed Linux Mint 12 onto my computer. It now boots into either Windows Vista or Linux.

Linux desktop screenshot

My pretty, purple-themed Linux Mint 12 desktop, using MATE.

It was cool. Very cool! Webpages and applications were loading faster then they did in Windows, and I absolutely loved  that I could customize so many things. (See photo above.)

I’ve used a couple of different Linux distributions in the past, but not since getting my new laptop a few years ago. One of the things I missed the most was the ability to personalize so many aspects of the system. You can choose the colors for your windows (see the two shades of purple in the above photo). You can also set as many work spaces as you’d like (I use one for my browser, another for email, and the rest  for miscellaneous applications. I currently have five, not because I need that many, but because I can!). With some desktop managers, you can even set a different wallpaper on each work space–I told you it was cool! I like pretty as much as the next girl, but, for me, function comes first. I have both with Linux!

Tim has been using the KDE Plasma desktop manager for a while, and I have been technologically envious the whole time. When you see this, you may be too! So, again, thanks to Tim (it’s awesome being engaged to my tech support and having a resident Code Wizard!), he helped me to install it and get it set up. I am in love! Here’s why:


My 3-D, pentagon, spinning KDE Plasma desktop.

My 3-D, pentagon, spinning desktop. Five workspaces, each with different wallpapers and applications on them.


My spinning 3-D, pentagon KDE desktop.

Another view of my awesome desktop!


Spinning 3-D pentagon KDE desktop.

Another angle.


Transparency on KDE desktop.

Here you can see the incredible transparency. See the other desktops behind the one in front?


As you can see, I went with a Valentine’s Day theme for the current look. Told you I like pretty too!

If you have questions about anything you read here, please don’t hesitate to post them. If I don’t know the answer, I know a guy…  (wink)

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2 Responses to “Getting My Geek On”

  1. Tim Says:

    I’m always happy to help you, sweetie! I’m thrilled you have left the Evil Empire behind. You have a flair for design and it shows… on your desktop and in our home. :)
    Tim´s last post ..Why The Media Ignores Linux

  2. Stacey Says:

    Thank you, Handsome! This means a lot to me. <3

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