When you hold a door for someone and they neglect to offer a simple, “Thank you.”

Not responding to email.

Websites where you can’t easily find what you’re looking for.

The loud bass coming from the music being played next door (oh, my head!). (Does this mean I’m getting old?!)

Slow computers.

Filthy jewelry (comes from my years in jewelry sales).

Thoroughly pessimistic people.

Asymmetry (not sure why, just annoys me.

Cold coffee.

Dirty windows (just drives me crazy!).

People planting themselves right next to you on the beach (move it over!).


Stay tuned, I’m sure this list will grow!

2 Responses to “Pet Peeves”

  1. Tim Says:

    As long as I’m not on the list, sweetie, you have my sympathy; especially the slow computers! New systems in 2008! Yeah, baby!

  2. Stacey Says:

    LOL! I appreciate the support! :-)

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