I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here on Real World Mom before, but, I was in a car accident on April 16 of this year. As I was slowing to stop at a red light, the person in the car behind me never seemed to even slow down, and plowed into the back of our car. Not once. Not twice. But, at least three times! It happened so quickly, I didn’t even know what was going on until she finally stopped running into me. Here’s what happened to our poor car:

Rear-end of Toyota smashed in.


Besides fear, the first sensation I remember feeling is the pain in my neck. Within a couple of hours, my whole back also began to hurt. Pain-wise, it’s been a miserable 42 days. A week and a half ago, I began receiving massage therapy and chiropractic care. Below is the ‘fun’ table I got to try out today. It’s purpose is to stretch my neck, and help to get some fluid moving back in between the vertebrae. All-in-all, it wasn’t too bad. The right side of my neck started to hurt from the grip of the machine, and it really hurt my lower back lying there as long as I did. The ‘neck stretching’ feels better (good even) when Dr. J. does it manually.

Table at the chiropractor's office where I had my neck 'stretched.'

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18 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday- My Car Accident”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Oh my! I hope that you completely heal quickly!
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  2. Tasha Says:

    WOW! That woman just didn’t know when to stop, hey? Geesh! I feel your pain, literally. I had “almost” the same thing happen to me 10 years ago. Actually it happened twice, but two separate accidents (exactly one year apart on the day) :O

    Rear ended both times, not 3 times by ONE person like you lol sorry had to giggle. How could someone be so dumb? :-/

    I went to see a Chiropractor and to Physio Therapy which didn’t help my pain. Insurance ran out and I just “dealt” with the pain for 8 years:( 8 years later in 2011, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/Chronic pain.

    Now I am finally on proper medication for Fibromyalgia, which is helping but not 100%, but enough to subside the depression from the burning pain. I pray that you get better and that your pain doesn’t get worse. xo
    Tasha´s last post ..Get Quattro-FIED! with Schick Canada – Win a Trip For 2 to Las Vegas!

  3. Stacey Says:

    @Rachel: Thank you! I hope so too!

    @Tasha: I’m so sorry for all you went through. The insurance companies are not at all easy to deal with. It turns out that the woman who hit me has the same company, and it seems like as soon as they found that out, no one wanted to talk to me. It’s all about covering their asses now. :(

  4. Joyce Says:

    Ugh! That must have been terrible. Scary too.
    Joyce´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday: Meet Mowgli

  5. Mystery Case Says:

    You poor thing. Hoping things improve for you.
    Mystery Case´s last post ..More metal than your mother’s tea kettle?

  6. Cathi Says:

    Cathi´s last post ..Bougainvillea

  7. Chavonne H Says:

    Yikes that looks pretty bad. Hope you’re doing better now.
    Chavonne H´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday – Cat Nap w/LINKY

  8. Janiss - Eagle Rock Scenes Says:

    Ugh, that’s terrible. A year and a half ago, my MINI was totaled in pretty much the same situation… fortunately, neither my fiance nor me were hurt at all badly. He went off to do shows back east a couple of days later (he’s a musician), and I went to the chiropractor a couple times a week for about a month to make sure my back was all right (it was). I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with so much more physical damage.

    P.S. As soon as the insurance company paid out, I went out and got… another MINI! I always say my first one gave its life to keep me safe.
    Janiss – Eagle Rock Scenes´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday: Topiaries

  9. stevebethere Says:

    Wow! how awful and frightening but at least your on the mend now hope it all goes well for you and make a full recovery :-)

    Have a fantastical week ;-)
    stevebethere´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday – Westminster Bridge

  10. kewkew Says:

    Oh my goodness! So sorry you are still having problems, I hope you heal quickly. I can’t get past the “hit 3 times” thing. Really?!?
    By the way, that table sounds like a torture table to me.
    kewkew´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday: May 29, 2013 (w/linky)- Invited to an Impromptu Birthday Party

  11. Rebecca Says:

    my god! i hope you’re fine..:)

    Happy Wordless Wednesday! My entry is here.
    Rebecca´s last post ..How to Achieve a Minimalist Media Room

  12. alex Says:

    oh goodness! I hope that you heal quickly, what an ordeal!
    alex´s last post ..{Wordless Wednesday} Seattle Area Lifestyle Photographer

  13. Taylor Dean Says:

    Yikes! I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. It’s scary that a fender bender like that could cause so much pain afterwards! I hope you are feeling better soon and will be out of pain soon too. Not fun. Heal quickly!
    Taylor Dean´s last post ..WORDLESS WEDNESDAY

  14. My Charmed Mom Says:

    I’m sorry with what happened. Continue your therapy and get well soon
    My Charmed Mom´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday : My Little Charmer

  15. Evelyn Says:

    Oh no! I hope the chiropractic and therapy help you heal quickly.
    Evelyn´s last post ..Trimmin’ Trees with Sherrill Tree

  16. Art of RetroCollage Says:

    I’m sorry to hear of your pain & distress! Sending best wishes to you for a complete & speedy recovery.
    Art of RetroCollage´s last post ..Our Military Ancestors: Revisiting a Memorial Day Collage

  17. That Suburban Momma Says:

    Oh my goodness! That’s awful! I was in a minor accident earlier this year and it is such a bummer to have to deal with. Glad that you are okay, although with her ramming you 3 TIMES, hope you didn’t have any injuries!!

  18. Stacey Says:

    @Joyce: It really was horrible. I am very anxious and hypervigilant when driving now. I am hoping that will begin to subside soon.

    @Mystery Case: Thank you very much!

    @Chavonne: It was bad. My poor car, I miss it! Even more than that, I wish I would start feeling better!

    @Janiss: Thank goodness you and your fiance were ok! It sure sounds like your MINI did a wonderful job of keeping you safe! :)

    @Steve: Not sure about being on the mend (doesn’t feel that way yet), but thank you! :)

    @kewkew: Thank you for your good wishes! I can’t understand her hitting me at least 3 times either. According to the police report, she saw me, but didn’t “know what happened.” Like you said, “Really?!” The table wasn’t as bad as it looked, but it wasn’t much fun either. However, at this point, I would try nearly *anything* to feel some relief!

    @Rebecca: Thank you!

    @Alex: I appreciate your good wishes!

    @Taylor Dean: Thank you! It is scary, and the effects are going into week 7 now.

    @Charmed Mom: Thank you, I’m doing my best!

    @Evelyn: Thank you, so do I! :)

    @Art of RetroCollage: I appreciate your kind words!

    @That Suburban Momma: It really is an unpleasant experience all-around, so I understand. I’m dealing with moderate to severe (it can change from minute-to-minute) neck and back pain, but I’m receiving treatment, and hoping to have some relief soon. Thank you!

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