Studying with flash cards.

The spring 2013 semester begins tomorrow!

I’ve got the usual excitement and anticipation that precedes a new semester, along with a little nervousness. I’m looking forward to meeting my professors, seeing friends, learning new concepts, and facing the challenges that surely lie ahead.

I am registered for five classes, which is one more than I’m really comfortable with. However, I need the credits, so I will just have to make the best of it. I will most likely also take at least one summer class, to make sure I have enough credits to graduate next year.

Four are psychology courses: Tests and Measurements, Professional Psychology: Principles, Understanding Self and Others, and Lifespan Developmental Psychology. The fifth is a sociology course: Introduction to Social Justice. Should be an interesting semester!

I had really hoped to tackle a lot of projects over the winter break, but, since I have been sick with a cold that just won’t go away for most of it, I’m afraid that a lot of them will just have to wait. Thank goodness Tim is so supportive and understanding, and insists that my studies be put first! At least I won’t feel too guilty about not having gotten around to reorganizing those closets!

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