My first semester at Kean University was challenging at times. Then again, if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t need to be there, right? :)

As usual, I worked hard, studied hard, and put a lot of effort into each assignment. I am proud to say that it paid off, and my first semester was a success!


I can live with this.

A huge, heartfelt thank you to Tim for continuing to be so supportive, encouraging, and understanding as I work toward my goal of earning a bachelor’s degree. Somehow, he manages to put up with all the hours I spend studying, the stressing over exams and grades, and the late dinners. When I stop to think about it, I still can’t believe that I’m actually a junior in college. If it weren’t for Tim believing I could do it, and gently nudging me to give it a try, I probably never would have gone to college at all. I could have missed out on so much!

The spring semester starts in one week, and I’ll be ready!

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