When you have someone in your life who is negative, and demanding, how do you keep them from sucking all of your positive energy and pushing you over the edge of madness? The person in my situation is a family member, so, as much as I may want to run for the hills (any hills), that’s not an option.

I have trouble saying no to people. Although, I am getting better at it, probably due to the practice I get with “Ms X.”

She doesn’t ask if I can take her somewhere, or do something for her, she just issues a command and expects me to comply—on her terms no less. I feel like a servant, and I don’t like it. It makes me angry. Sometimes really angry. And then I feel guilty. The combination causes resentment, and I really don’t want to feel that way.

This coming week is my last full week off before the spring semester begins. I have a long list of projects that I want to accomplish before I’m once again swamped with homework and a less-than-desirable class schedule. However, I am making the time to take her to an appointment on Monday morning. When I spoke to her on the phone yesterday, she said, “Oh, we can go to breakfast afterward.” It wasn’t a question. When I told her that, no, I couldn’t do that, she asked, “Why?” as if I were being ridiculous. How dare I have other things to do?!

How do I find a balance between helping “Ms X” and maintaining my sanity and well-being? I just can’t seem to find a solution that will make everyone happy.


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