Definition of klutz: noun; clumsy person.


My name is Stacey, and I am a klutz. Doorknobs, tables, and dog toys are dangerous for me. Actually, most ordinary objects are. I can injure myself in pretty much any situation. And I have.

Here’s my most recent injury (it happened yesterday):

Index finger in a splint.

I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t remember how I did it. I think I was doing something with the laundry. Whatever it was, it was something that would have been harmless to anyone else. When it happened, I thought to myself, “That shouldn’t have hurt.”

Fortunately, it’s just a sprain. Unfortunately, it’s the index finger on my right hand. (It’s taking a long time to type this.)

Last month, I broke my toe when it collided with our big, and very heavy coffee table. It’s still not completely healed.

It could have been worse. I tore the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) in my left knee about seven years ago, when I stepped sideways. Yes, really. I was on a plane headed to Florida, to spend a long weekend with my best friend. I still went. It’s ok if you laugh, my surgeon did too! ;)

Tim is threatening to roll me up in bubble wrap to protect me from myself. I’m thinking it may not be such a bad idea. As long as it doesn’t cause me to have a heat stroke!

3 Responses to “First-Class Klutz”

  1. Kim Bussey Says:

    I had to laugh at your misfortune, but I can’t help myself. Poor you! I have a problem with planets, especially my rosebushes, jumping out and grabbing me. I know it’s not my fault, it’s them. They are out to get me.

  2. aquariann Says:

    How dangerous! I’m glad it didn’t fall on you.
    aquariann´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday: White Azaleas

  3. aquariann Says:

    Oops, my above comment was supposed to go on your WW post. Sorry! *healing sparkles for your finger*
    aquariann´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday: White Azaleas

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