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Real World Mom Turns Five

January 7th, 2013
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With the chaos of the end of the semester, I totally missed Real World Mom’s anniversary in December! Nothing new really. I seem to miss it every year. Better late than never, right? :)

My very first post (of any substance) was on December 6, 2007. Seems so long ago. So much has changed since then!

So, happy anniversary to my much-loved, sometimes neglected blog! Thank you all for being a part of the past five years!

A couple of weeks ago, I gave in and joined Pinterest. I had resisted for a while because I was afraid it would be more of a distraction than anything else. Katrina from Active Moms sent me the link to her boards, and I was intrigued. Enough to go sign up. I have been spending a lot of time there, but little of it is wasted time. I have met some nice people, been exposed to photos/quotes/information/recipes that I may not have been otherwise. It’s a great place to connect with other people and to have fun! You can find my boards here: RealWorldMom on Pinterest.

Keep Calm and Blog On

A gem I came across on Pinterest!

Another social network that I just became aware of a few, short days ago, is Empire Avenue. Their tagline is “Social media rocket fuel,” and it is! I’ve been a member for just over twenty-four hours, and I’ve already seen an increase in my Facebook page’s likes, my Twitter followers, and in blog traffic.

The basic idea is that you ‘buy stock’ in other people using eaves (Empire Avenue’s ‘currency’), and you earn more eaves through dividends. They also ‘buy stock’ in you, which increases your value. This may sound a bit confusing, but it’s really not.

While all of this buying is going on, you are making connections with other members–the whole idea behind social media, right? Plus, you are able to add links to your other social media sites right on your profile page, so members can very easily follow you, like you, visit your blog, etc. This is why it’s “Social media rocket fuel!

If you’re interested in taking a look at the site, you can view my profile HERE. Let me know what you think. If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them or find the answer for you!

She’s Back!

January 16th, 2012
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Wow! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve posted here. So much has happened in that time. I’ve missed blogging, and kept putting off the next post. I’m hoping to breathe some new life into my old friend, and catch everyone up on the events of the past year; more importantly, to get back in touch with all of you!

Let me start by updating info from my last post. Please excuse the rustiness!

My biology professor turned out to be an egotistical asshat. Even though it was supposed to be a basic class, he took great joy in showing off how much he knew (thanks to his two Master’s Degrees, which he reminded us of at every opportunity) by overloading us with complicated stuff. When you can’t  find answers to homework anywhere in the textbook or on the internet, there’s something wrong. End result: After much frustration (and boredom), I got an A for the class.

I enjoyed my addictions counseling class very much. Mostly because the professor was so cool, and because she really knew her stuff. I was sad to learn that she passed away just a few months after our class ended.

My Survey of Math class changed my life. Seriously. It was unlike any other math class I’ve ever taken. Through the series of topics we covered, it altered my way of thinking. Professor Gordon would be proud. I still get a kick out of knowing what a Venn diagram is!

RealWorldMom Venn diagram


All-in-all, it was a great semester. I really miss school. More about that in another post.

Face it, we’re all busy (which explains my lack of posting!), and when we have a glitch in our blog code, want to tweak a theme, or add a complicated plug in (among a thousand other potential issues), what do we do?  Some of us are brave and try to tackle it on our own; sometimes we’re successful, and sometimes we just screw things up more (myself included).  Or, we can begin searching for a knowledgeable, affordable techie who can do it for us–not always an easy thing to do!

I am here to tell you that I have found the perfect solution!  Tim realized that I wasn’t the only mommy blogger who needed help and guidance when it came to blogging-related issues (beyond writer’s block), so he decided to launch MommyBloggersBestFriend, where a limited number of members can receive technical support for their blogs whenever they need it.  How cool is that?!

Not only can all of your technical needs be met, your MommyBloggersBestFriend membership includes hosting on TimburyDotNet at no additional charge if you would like it.

The launch date is Sunday, May 9 (Mother’s Day–what could be more appropriate?), and if you sign up before then, you will receive a significant discount on your membership!  Please feel free to refer friends, as there is a referral bonus available as well!  Membership is limited so that the highest quality service can be maintained, so don’t wait!

For more information, visit MommyBloggersBestFriend or contact me.

Happy early Mother’s Day!

Join Now!

Join Mommy Bloggers Best Friend

Mommy Bloggers Best Friend

A few days ago, I was invited to take part in previewing an event for a new AJ Wright store opening in Paterson, NJ.  An offer to combine shopping and blogging?  How could I resist?!

The challenge? How much could I buy for $100 at AJ Wright?

The journey began when they sent a car for us:

The car and our driver, Ralph. There’s a sign in the window that says, “Ms. Stacey”.

I enjoyed the ride:


We arrived at the store:


AJ Wright

There we were met by Ashley and Keri, the friendly PR folks! Here’s a photo of Ashley and I:

Ashley & I

They made us feel right at home, and even fed us delicious food, catered by a local restaurant.


We also received a goody bag, which included a snappy (purple!) Sony Webbie camera (woohoo!), a pad and pen to take notes, a calculator to tally our loot, and a $100 gift card (not in the photo, cuz, of course, I spent it!)!

Goody Bag

Tim was such a trooper, they also gave him a $50 gift card! Thank you again, guys!

I have to say, I was immediately impressed with the layout of the store. You can pretty much stand anywhere and see where everything is (convenient, yes?). The signage is up nice and high, the store is brightly lit, and the aisles are wide enough to get a cart/stroller/wheelchair through without a fight. Love it! And, ladies, this is one of the best parts: the handbags are arranged by color! How awesome is that?!


As if that weren’t enough, each item has the price marked right on it!! I didn’t think anyone did that anymore!

Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans
Yes, these are Gloria Vanderbilt jeans for $9.99!!

I had a lot of fun shopping–especially with no guilt about the money I was spending!

Me Shopping

Tim appreciated the way the men’s department was set up. Apparently, guys like to be able to see things at a glance, so, having the clothing hanging on the wall is a big plus for them.

Men's Department

So, how did we do?


Tune in tomorrow to see how Real World Mom–and Tim–spent $150 at AJ Wright!

*Special thanks to Tim for his love, support, and photography skills!*

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