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Tim and I are working on a new website:, which will be launching soon!

The concept of

“The hottest place to find a tattooed date, models, and artists. Check out designs and show off your latest body art. Locate the best artists in your area.” has been invited to exhibit at NY Tech Day, April 25, 2013. You can see details of the show at and see our listing at  This is an extremely important opportunity!  We will meet investors and all the major tech press.

To help cover the expenses for’s trip to New York City (in addition to advertising, materials needed for the event, etc.), we have started a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo, which you can see here:

Tim and I would be eternally grateful if you could like and/or share our campaign link, and, of course, if you are able to contribute (we are offering some pretty cool perks for contributions!).

You can find in the following places: goes to NYC on Facebook

Inked on Twitter

Thank you for your support!

Face it, we’re all busy (which explains my lack of posting!), and when we have a glitch in our blog code, want to tweak a theme, or add a complicated plug in (among a thousand other potential issues), what do we do?  Some of us are brave and try to tackle it on our own; sometimes we’re successful, and sometimes we just screw things up more (myself included).  Or, we can begin searching for a knowledgeable, affordable techie who can do it for us–not always an easy thing to do!

I am here to tell you that I have found the perfect solution!  Tim realized that I wasn’t the only mommy blogger who needed help and guidance when it came to blogging-related issues (beyond writer’s block), so he decided to launch MommyBloggersBestFriend, where a limited number of members can receive technical support for their blogs whenever they need it.  How cool is that?!

Not only can all of your technical needs be met, your MommyBloggersBestFriend membership includes hosting on TimburyDotNet at no additional charge if you would like it.

The launch date is Sunday, May 9 (Mother’s Day–what could be more appropriate?), and if you sign up before then, you will receive a significant discount on your membership!  Please feel free to refer friends, as there is a referral bonus available as well!  Membership is limited so that the highest quality service can be maintained, so don’t wait!

For more information, visit MommyBloggersBestFriend or contact me.

Happy early Mother’s Day!

Join Now!

Join Mommy Bloggers Best Friend

Mommy Bloggers Best Friend

Warning: Author is in the midst of a serious case of PMS. Proceed at your own risk! ;-)

  • It’s freezing in NJ!
  • The stbx is still dragging his feet and refusing to give in cooperate. My daughter informed me that he purchased new carpeting and new furniture last week, and he’s thinking about buying a flat-screen tv. But, when he lies talks to me, he’s “broke.”
  • Still haven’t found a source of income.
  • My back has been hurting me off and on (mostly on lately) for the last seven months. I’m in NJ, my doctor is in PA, and I have no way to get to her.
  • My 40th birthday is in three weekshow much does that suck?!
  • I’m PMSing BIG time (poor T!).

On the plus side…

  • My kids are healthy and happy.
  • Spring will eventually be here.
  • I am loved by some incredible people!
  • As for the stbx: What goes around comes around.
  • I have my internet connection!

Yay For Yahoo!

February 11th, 2008
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Yahoo has turned down Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid to further screw up take the company over. (“Yahoo Formally Rejects Microsoft Offer”.)

Even though the maker of “Windoze” will probably eventually win this war, it’s so nice to see someone tell them “No.”!

Anti MS

Can you tell I’m not a huge fan of Microsoft? Good! ;-)

As you may already know, I live with T, who is a Computer Tech God, and he converted me to Linux some time ago.

So far, Ubuntu is my favorite distribution, and the one I’m currently using is Ubuntu 7.10/Gutsy Gibbon. It’s extremely user-friendly, and, unlike “Winblows”, very customizable–which I really like!

If you’d like to see more on Linux vs. “The Evil Empire”, be sure to visit T’s website: The Inflatable Soapbox™.

Announcing the Birth of~

Real World Mom Enterprises

As some of you may know, I have been blogging here on for a few months now. It’s become my passion!

Real World Mom was actually owned by my significant other, T (author and mastermind behind The Inflatable Soapbox™). He offered the project to me because he felt that blogging and building a site would be something I’d enjoy. I have to admit, I wasn’t so sure of this at first.

Let me backtrack (and brag) for just a moment… T is a total ‘computer guy’. He can build machines, write programs, design websites, etc., etc., etc. (He is affectionately known around here as “The Code Wizard”! And, let me tell you, it really comes in handy living with my Tech Support!)

So, for any tweaks or changes I want to make on, I’ve always got his guidance and knowledge to make it happen. (My current project is working on getting a forum together so there can be lots of interaction here. Keep an eye out for that!)

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been playing working hard to build content and traffic to, and I think I went and impressed T with what I’ve accomplished so far!

Last night, he transferred ownership of Real World Mom to me, and so, Real World Mom Enterprises™ has been born! My new ‘baby’! T says it’s my early birthday gift, and I can’t think of anything that could’ve come close to being more perfect (well, except maybe last year’s gift)!

To T: Thank you for always believing in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. Thank you for knowing when to hold me and let me cry and when to offer an encouraging word and a kick in the ass to keep me moving forward. Thank you for trusting me with your dreams and for wanting me to be a part of them. Thank you for loving me no matter what. Thank you for being you. I’m very proud of you too, and I love you with all my heart. We make one hell of a team!


Real World Mom
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