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White flowers with purple centers and dark green leaves.

One of my dear friends gave me this beautiful plant for my birthday. I’m not sure what kind it is.

Happy Wednesday!

On October 29, 2012, we met Sandy.

The wind was worse than the rain.

Tim took BlackJack outside during Superstorm Sandy, because he was afraid of the wind.

Poor little BlackJack was afraid to go outside due to the wind. Daddy saved the day!

Until somewhere around midnight. We had lost power about 2 p.m., so, with not much else to do, we went to bed fairly early. Just after midnight, we awoke to banging on our front door. Our neighbor had waded through the rising water to warn us that our street was flooding. The water was already heading up our driveways. Tim went out and moved our car up onto the front lawn, where it was a bit higher than the driveway. Within a very short amount of time, we realized the water was still rising, and the car was again in danger of being flooded. Tim moved the car once again. This time, it was as close to the house as it could get (within inches of the outside wall).

Over the next hour or so, we went from the front door to the back door, closely watching the progress of the flood waters. We also began moving things inside the house to higher surfaces. We were literally surrounded by water; at its peak, it was within mere inches of entering the first floor of our home.

Tim decided that we would go up into the attic if the water started coming in. I was not sure how we were going to get the dogs–let alone ourselves–up through the tiny access hole to get into the attic. Fortunately, the water finally began to recede.

It was too dark to get any photos of the period when the water was at its highest. Below are some that I took the following day.

Our street flooded after Superstorm Sandy.

Our street is out there somewhere, under approximately two feet of water.

Another view of our flooded street after Superstorm Sandy. Three of the four cars seen in this photo were totaled due to flood damage they sustained.

Another view from our “bay front” home. Three of the five vehicles seen in this photo were totaled due to the flood damage they sustained.

Our flooded driveway after Superstorm Sandy.

Our driveway is just beyond the grass in this view–under water.

Man in raincoat and waders, walking through the flood water on our street after Superstorm Sandy.

Brave guy!

Men in a canoe, paddling up our flooded street after Superstorm Sandy.

It’s not every day that you see a canoe going up your street!

Superstorm Sandy was quite an experience. One I hope to never face again! School was closed for two weeks. We were without power for eleven long days. In the scheme of things, we were very lucky. So many people lost everything. In comparison, we were just temporarily inconvenienced.

After this experience we’ve even thought about installing a security system with features like water sensors that can help detect flooding in the house. Optional features such as these sensors can be found on sites like and although they might not be able to do anything miraculous (like stop a hurricane) they could always help alert us to when water is creeping up in places of our home where we don’t want it.

Not to mention, flooding can occur in your home even when it doesn’t involve a natural disaster. Pipes can burst or water sprinklers go off or even sinks and bathtubs can overflow. So even if it’s not Hurricane Sandy damaging your home with overflowing water, it’s good to be prepared.

More photos to follow!



Words of Wisdom

March 28th, 2012
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Let it be, let it be, whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

I was just thinking about something that my first college psychology professor used to say, and how it changed my life. That lead into thoughts of what other people have said that also influenced me in some way. Often, it’s not even directed toward me–or anyone else in particular. Such realizations reinforce the power of words, and how they can help to shape us.

My college psych professor used to say, “Never say anything about yourself you don’t wish to be true.” For someone with shaky self-esteem, and in the habit of using negative self-talk, this was a real eye opener for me. You may know people who say, “I’m stupid” when they make a mistake or something similar. Negative self talk can be extremely detrimental to our psychological (and even physical) well-being. Professor K.’s mantra got through to me.

Another example is from a conversation I had with a friend in one of my math classes in college. She and I were both older than the average students, we were both very serious about our grades, and we were both Phi Theta Kappa members. We frequently discussed what we were studying in our classes, projects we were working on, etc. One day, she told me that she finally said to herself, “I can’t be good at everything.” She was referring to her grades and how she decided to cut herself some slack, and not expect to get an A every time. It’s common sense really. No one can be good at everything. Yet, there are those of us who try (like me). This turned out to be another philosophy that I adopted. (I still managed to earn mostly A’s, but it took some of the pressure off.)

We never know when something we say, even in passing, might have a real impact on someone else.  Just as we never know where or when we may hear those words of wisdom that affect us in a positive way.

I’d really like to hear about similar experiences, so, if you have any to share, please do!

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Comments for a Cause

October 1st, 2009
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My dear friend Heather over at Singing With My Heart is doing something incredible for the month of October!  As you may know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It is also National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Heather decided she wanted to help raise much needed funds for these causes, so she came up with a brilliant idea!  Here is what she is doing:

For every comment I receive in my blog, starting tonight, and all through the month of October, on any entry, I will donate .25, up to $250. For every person that writes a post about this, and links to it? Another .25 thrown into the pot. If you tweet this? .5 added. At the end of the month, I will tally the comments, the entries, and the tweets, and I will split the money in half and donate to each of the two charities that I have chosen. The person who comments in my blog the most, out of the entire month, will get a $25 gift card to

Please head over to Heather’s blog and contribute a comment. Not only will you be helping to raise money for two important causes, you’ll find some great reading!

Comment for a Cause

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