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I decided to begin this series of tips and tricks with new uses for common items, because I love finding them to use for myself. You can see the first post here.

  • Use newspaper to deodorize food containers. Stuff a balled-up piece of newspaper into a lunch box or thermos, seal it, and let sit overnight. Wonder if this might work with smelly shoes too?
  • You can also use newspaper to ripen tomatoes. Wrap them individually and leave them out at room temperature. Perfect time of year for this!
  • Olive oil can provide a closer shave when used in place of shaving cream. Who knew? Bet it also leaves your skin softer.
  • If the newspaper doesn’t help, you can freshen stinky shoes by inserting a dryer sheet into the offending pair and let sit overnight. (This could save some marriages! ;) )
  • Strain wine from a bottle with a broken cork with a coffee filter. Place the filter over a pitcher or a carafe and slowly pour the wine into it. This one, I can definitely use! Corkscrews just don’t seem to want to cooperate with me!

Hope that you find some of these helpful! Please feel free to add any tips or tricks that you have, I’d love to learn more, and share them with others!

I just love when I come across new ideas for common items that I probably already have in the house. Especially if it saves me the time and money of making a special trip to the store for something, or if I can just buy something less expensive to get the job done!

Years ago, when I was a Tupperware consultant, I used to share some of the tips and tricks I had gathered with the guests at my demonstrations. Most people seemed to enjoy it. So, I thought I would write a blog post and share some of my more interesting findings with all of you. However, as I began to do the research, I realized that there are way too many good ideas out there to fit into just one post! Chances are, this will be an ongoing series.

I haven’t tried all of these. If you do, please let me know how well they did (or didn’t) work for you. Also, if you have any neat tricks to share, please do so in the comments (or you can email me), and maybe I can include them in a future “New Uses for Common Things” post!

There’s a bit of an [unintentional] theme for this post: lemons. Lemons aren’t just for lemonade anymore! Apparently, lemons are a very strong acid, which can come in handy for several things. Read on.

A plate with lemons on it. 1. Sanitize a chopping block. Run a slice of lemon over the             surface to disinfect. (I’m guessing this may also help to remove odors from things like onions and garlic.)

2. Remove tough food stains from plastic and light-colored wooden cutting boards. Slice a lemon in half, squeeze the juice onto the soiled surface, rub, and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse with water. I must try this!

3. Whiten fingernails. Rub a wedge on the surface of your nails. (Another idea I want to try.)

4. Shine the interior of copper cookware. Sprinkle a lemon wedge with salt, then scrub. (I don’t currently have any copper cookware, but it sounds much better than using a chemical.)

5. Brighten laundry whites. Add 1/2 cup lemon juice to the wash cycle of a normal-size load. (Since bleach and I don’t get along, this may be the perfect solution for me.

Hope this gives you some good ideas to try. Again, if you try them (or already have), I’d love to hear about your experiences! More great ideas for new uses for common things to come!

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