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Last week’s edition of Wacky Wednesday was so much fun, I thought I’d do it again.

Here are this week’s entries for wackdom:

Not just a plane wedding for the British couple who exchanged vows while strapped to the top of separate airplanes. I want to know how they convinced the Reverend to join them…

A slot machine ‘stole’ this guy’s money, so he called 911–not once, but twice–to report it. Said idiot is now in jail.

During the same week, another Florida dumbass man called 911 because a restaurant forgot to put the sauce on his sandwich. What the ?? If this was my biggest problem, I’d be celebrating!

“The Culprit”

Wacky Wednesday

July 30th, 2008
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Recently, I’ve come across some interesting headlines in the news that I thought were worth sharing.  Hope you enjoy!

Forty-four year old woman gives birth to her eighteenth child. Eighteen kids??  What the hell is she thinking?!  Among the brood are 10 girls and eight boys.  I’m going to have nightmares.

Seventy-three year old man grows pot along with his begonias. Police believe neighborhood kids actually planted the marijuana in with the flowers on the man’s doorstep.  This poor guy was apparently admired for gardening skills even he didn’t know he had!

Man blows up his apartment while spraying for bugs. Should this guy be living alone??  Fortunately, he’s ok, but his apartment is a loss.

Sanjib Saha divorces pretend wife. Then his real wife found out, and the shit hit the fan!  I can certainly understand wanting to be divorced, but…duh!

Hope you’re all smiling!  :-)

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